CALGARY, ALBERTA – The official website of the RROC Can-Am Prairie Region had its busiest year for visits in 2019.  Visits to the Can-Am Prairie Region website totaled 7,564.  The current version of the website was re-launched on December 10th, 2016 after sitting idle for many years.  The website saw close to 2,000 visits in its first full-year of operation.  The number of total visits nearly doubled in 2018 to 3,776 visits.  This number would have been higher if it were not for a vicious cyber attack.  The Can-Am Prairie Region website was shut down the second week of July in 2018.  With repairs to the website completed, the upward trend in visits continued.  On August 23, 2019, the new website recorded its 10,000th official visit.  The month of September 2019 saw the website record its first 1,000+ visit count for a single month.  A total of 1,057 ‘guests’ visited the website.  The on-line ‘business card’ of the Can-Am Prairie Region will expand further in 2020 as a special video section will gradually be unveiled.

RROC Can-Am Prairie Region website visits:
7,564 visits for all of 2019
3,776 visits for all of 2018
1,980 visits for all of 2017
98 visits for 2016 (website launched on December 10th)